Mary Lou Williams Dave Lambert Singers, May 1950, for Rudi Blesh, 2 sides

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Reissued on CD "The Artistry of Stan Getz, Volume 2" Verve 314 517 330-2.

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Lars Gullin (unreleased) recorded an album in Milan, Italy, with Dave Bailey, George Grunz, 1959.

Gerry Mulligan "Walkin' Shoes" (Art Farmer, Dave Bailey) Bandstand BDCD 1536.

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George Wein at the Museum of Modern Art (Pee Wee Russell, Shorty Baker, Tyree Glenn, Mickey Sheen, Wein, Crow) Bethlehem BCP 6050, June 16, 1960.

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Benny Goodman, Bell Telephone Hour Apr 25 & 26, 1962, Longines Symphonette SYS5116. Rarities RA21

"Benny Goodman In Moscow" (Joe Newman, Joe Wilder, Jimmy Maxwell, John Frosk, Wayne Andre, Willie Dennis, Jimmy Knepper, Phil Woods, Jerry Dodgion, Zoot Sims, Tom Newsom, Gene Allen, John Bunch, Teddy Wilson, Turk Van Lake, Mel Lewis, Victor Feldman) (LP) Victor LSO-6008, 1962.

"Jazz Mission to Moscow," (Jack Lewis producer, Al Cohn arr., Zoot Sims, Phil Woods, Jerry Dodgion, Gene Allen, Jimmy Maxwell, Marky Markowitz, Willie Dennis, Eddie Costa, Mel Lewis) (LP) Colpix CP 433,SCP 433,July 12, 1962.

"The Liberty of Jazz" (Nick Brignola, Bob Brookmeyer, John Bunch, Bill Crow, Art Farmer, Walter Perkins, Zoot Sims, Phil Woods, music by Russian jazz composers arranged by Al Cohn.) (CD) SoLyd Records SLR0363, recorded August 1963 for Radio Liberty.

Gerry Mulligan "'63 Concert Jazz Band" (Clark Terry, Nick Travis, Don Ferrara, Doc Severinsen, Bob Brookmeyer, Willie Dennis, Tony Studd, Gene Quill, Eddie Caine, Jim Reider, Gene Allen, Jim Hall, Gus Johnson) (LP) Verve V/V6-8515, Dec 18-21, 1962, released 1963.

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Gerry Mulligan "Butterfly With Hiccups" (Art Farmer, Bob Brookmeyer, Jim Hall, Dave Bailey) (LP) Limelight LM S2004, Sep 3, Oct 11, 1963.

Jackie Cain & Roy Kral with big band (Lucky Thompson, Joe Newman, Ed Shaughnessy, etc.) recorded at WOR Sep 1964, (unreleased).

"Teddy Wilson 1964" (Glen Osser orch) (LP) Cameo SC 1059, 1964.

Bob Brookmeyer & Clark Terry "Tonight" (Roger Kellaway, Dave Bailey) (LP) Mainstream S/6043, Dec 1964. Reissued on CD, Jazz Heritage 513587W.

Bob Brookmeyer & Clark Terry "The Power of Positive Swinging" (Roger Kellaway, Dave Bailey) (LP) Mainstream S/6054, March 1965. Reiss. CD, Mainstream MDCD723

Zoot Sims "Suitably Zoot" (Bob Brookmeyer, Roger Kellaway, Dave Bailey) ,1965 air check from Half Note, (LP) Pumpkin ST 108.

Zoot Sims and Al Cohn "Live At The Half Note" 1965, (Roger Kellaway, Mel Lewis) Naked City Records.

Ruby Braff "Them There Eyes" (Jimmy Rowles, Vic Dickenson, Bucky Pizzarelli, Dick Katz, Connie Kay), 1976, (LP) Sonet SNTF 713, 1976. Universal CD 0602498148891

Yul Brynner "The King and I" (Cast album-revival, Milton Rosenstock, conductor) (LP) RCA ABL1-2610, 1977.

Joel Grey "The Grand Tour" (Cast album, Wally Harper, conductor) (LP) Columbia JS 35761, 1979.

Harry Shields "The Bones of Contention" (Wayne Andre, Maurice Mark, Russ Kassoff, Steve Barr, Jerry Chamberlain, Jack Gale, Keith O'Quinn, Harry Shields, Dave Glenn, Bob Smith, Lynn Welshman, Ed Byrne, Phill Bulla, Joe Randazzo, Mark Sheppard) (LP) Wayand Records 1, 1979.

Georgia Brown "Carmelina" (Cast album, Don Jennings, conductor) (LP) Original Cast Records OC 8019, 1980.

"42ND STREET" (Cast album, John Lesko, conductor) (LP) RCA CBL 1-3891, 1980.

"An Evening With Bill Crofut" (Carver Blanchard, Bob Gordon) (LP) Pro-Arte PAD-216, 1984.

Jon Eardley (Eddie Bert, Jon Gordon, Loren Schoenberg, Dick Katz, Mel Lewis) (unreleased). May 1989.

Garrison Keillor "American Radio Co., The First Season" (Rob Fisher & the Coffee Club Orch) (Cassette) High Bridge, ARC 17332, 1990.

Eddie Bert & J.R. Monterose "Live At Birdland" (Ben Aronov, Eddie Locke) (CD) Fresh Sound FSR-CD 198,1991.

Bob Wilber, Phontastic CD (Bob Wilber, soprano and alto sax; Dave McKenna, piano; Connie Kay, drums; Bill Crow, bass; Pug Horton, vocals)

Mark Shane "Blue Room" (Danny D'Imperio, Frank Vignola, Ed Polcer, Tom Artin, Spanky Davis, Ken Peplowski) (CD) Kama KD9374, 1992.

Jay McShann "Some Blues" (Al Grey) (CD) Chiaroscuro CRD 320, 1992.

Donald Johnston "There's No Forgetting You" (Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Steve Little) (CD) Bhakti BR 30, 1993.

Dick Sudhalter & Barbara Lea "Hoagy's Children" Vol 1 & 2,(Frank Vignola, James Chirillo, Eddie Locke, Bob Dorough) (CDs) Audiophile ACD-291 & ACD-292,1994.

Masanobu Ikemiya Ragtime project (Joel Helleny, Dan Barrett, Peter Ecklund, Chuck Wilson, 4 strings) 1993-4 (Released in Japan)

Claude Williamson Trio (Claude, piano, David Jones, drums) "Autumn In New York" Venus Records TKCV-79099 April, 1995.

Bill Crow (Carmen Leggio, tenor, Joe Cohn, guitar, David Jones, drums) "From Birdland to Broadway" Venus Records, 11/20/1995

Bill Crow (same personnel as above) "Jazz Anecdotes" Venus Records, Nov 1996.

Marian McPartland (Joe Morello, drums) "Reprise, Marian’s Hickory House Trio," Sep 1998.

The Kansas City Sound (Harvey Kaiser, reeds; Hugh Brodie, Ron Finck, saxophones; Bobby Johnson Jr., Fred Jacobs, Fred Smith, trumpets; Roswell Rudd, Eddie Bert, trombones; Larry Packer, violin; Eddie Diehl, guitar; Joel O’Brien, piano; Gene Randolph, drums; Bobby Johnson & Glenda Davenport, vocals.) Dec 99, Feb 2000.

The Kansas City Sound, A Tribute to the Duke(Same personnel as above.)

The Kansas City Sound, One for the Bishop (Harvey Kaiser, reeds; Fred Smith, trumpet; Eddie Bert, trombone; Ed Diehl, guitar; Joel "Bishop" O'Brien, piano and vocals; Billy Allred, piano; Larry Packer, violin; Marvin "BuGalu" Smith, drums; Bill Crow, bass; Rita Kaiser, vocals.)

Cab Calloway Orchestra (Brooks Calloway, leader & vocals) Calloway Records, March 2002.

"Doug Proper...Seventh Sense" (Proper, guitar; Joe Beck, guitar; John Abercrombie, guitar; Gerry Fitzgerald, drums; Andrew Beals, saxophone) March 2003.

Rich Peare, duo CD "Rich Peare & Bill Crow", Collective Recordings, 2003

Vincent Malacarne (Malacarne, guitar & vocals; Tony Jefferson, drums; Tom Kohl, piano) Nov 2003.

Winston Byrd "Vignettes" (one track: "Come Sunday," John Hicks, piano, Winston Byrd, trumpet) March 2004.

Dan Franta (Franta, drums, Frank Vicari, tenor sax) Oct 2005

Three Legends Leggio Records (with Carmen Leggio and Bucky Pizzarelli), Division St. Grill, Peekskill NY, Jan 2006

Tony Lavorgna (Lavorgna, tenor sax)  Feb 2006